Anonymous: What program do you use for your videos?

sony vegas

Anonymous: Where do you make ur awesome gifs beautiful ?

in Photoshop !

Anonymous: Your playlist is DOPE! :)

thanks (; im about to change it soon …

Anonymous: what is your height ????

im 5,7 

Anonymous: How'd you get the mini music player?

Billy Music Player

Anonymous: OMG u made the coolest video i ever know... i enjoyed it and love it OMG :*

thannnnk u !! <3

Anonymous: are you gonna do a birthday video for prod?

i dont think so .. :\

Anonymous: OMGGG love your blog !!!! really dope !! btw love your sidebar ... <33

ohh thanks sweetie

Anonymous: what do u make your videos on????????????????


Anonymous: Hey there! A lot of ppl have been reblogging and tweeting your bday video to Roc but I'm mobile and it says its unavailable so I was wondering can you please make it mobile as well? :) it has wonderful reviews and it's killing me because I can't watch it :(

It’s not my decision, I’m sorry it dont let me :((

Anonymous: GAWD BLESS YOU ! Almost had a nogga tear up . Gosh ! THANK YOU AND I HOPE MB SEES IT ! (:

thank u !!! HOPE 2 ♥♥<3

Anonymous: Check your DM on twitter :)

lol ok

Anonymous: how do you that little playlist thing? you need to register, make your playlist, when you copy your code pick the classic one and change the height and the weight to 50-15 or whatever u want

Anonymous: goodd nightt <33

actually, i need to go to school now … LOL it’s 9:35 AM here (:

Anonymous: what is your fav MB song ?..(:

love them all but my favorite is “Gone” (:

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